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Welcome to the Temple Liver Transplant Program

The Temple Liver Transplant Program is led by some of the foremost liver experts in the country. Temple's team of surgeons, hepatologists, oncologists, radiologists, and pre- and post-transplant coordinators have decades of successful experience in providing care for seriously ill patients, from initial evaluation to post-transplant care.

Our team provides liver transplant services for adult patients with a wide range of conditions including advanced cirrhosis due to hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, liver cancer, drug toxicity, and rare metabolic disorders.

All patients who come to Temple with serious liver ailments receive a comprehensive evaluation and a customized plan for care that includes full supportive therapy, immediate consultations for related conditions, aggressive management of concomitant diseases, and consideration for transplantation. Familiarity and hands-on experience with all therapy options for liver failure - including novel drug treatments, nonsurgical interventions, new radiologic approaches, and surgery - means that patients and their referring physicians can be assured of getting their questions answered and all the appropriate tests and care at a single center.

Temple is fully equipped to prepare patients for the transplant procedure, create individualized protocols for specialized needs (e.g., HIV infection, bloodless procedures), manage the entire surgical process, and monitor the recovery. The Temple team creates a seamless and patient-focused stream of care that ensures patients get all the support - emotional and logistical as well as clinical - needed to emerge from the transplant experience in better health and ready for a longer life.

For those who are deemed unsuitable for or do not require transplantation, Temple can provide the best short- and long-term solutions. Options offered at Temple include: liver resection (including laparoscopic), immunosuppression and immunomodulation, varix obliteration, portal decompression using transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunting, chemoembolization, radiofrequency ablation, innovative procedures via interventional radiology, and experimental protocols.

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